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With excellent design team and excellent production equipment, we provide excellent products and value service for our customers.
Welcome to Jiangsu Xuhai Opto-Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd.
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Jiangsu Xuhai Opto-Electronic Technologies (Xuhai Opto-Electronic) is a fast-growing high-tech company dedicated to laser sensing (spectrum analysis) industry. Xuhai is founded in 2013 after receiving first round 8.26 million USD investment, whose headquarter & operation site locates in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province of china and R&D center located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province of China.
     Xuhai focus on providing a comprehensive device-in-set solutions for customers based on optical spectrum analysis technology such as TDLAS etc. (gas laser series, optical gas cell series and photodiode series). Xuhai’s products have been widely used in such industries as life security, environmental protection and industrial online process control, providing high quality, stable and reliable optoelectronic devices and modules for detection of flammable, explosive and poisonous gas.
     Besides gas detection area, Xuhai is also trying to expand our business by providing customers device & module solutions for element analysis of liquid (such as water etc.) and solid (such as food and medicine etc.). Xuhai can supply industrial customer optical devices and modules of high performance, low cost and small size to FTIR to help them to enlarge its applications and business into consuming and civil area. And we can also supply passive optical probe detector with highly enhanced Raman Spectral (2-1000times) to help customers to develop applications and meanwhile, reduce cost of Raman spectrum instrument. 
On the other side, Xuhai have been developing and delivering customerized devices and modules for customers in industry and optical telecommunications.
    Most of Xuhai‘s managements and engineers have rich working experience of more than 15 years in optical device industry. With accumulation of decades of management, operation, design and technical experience, Xuhai can ensure products performance and reliability through excellent&robust design, process control and quality control. 
    Vision of Xuhai  Make our world safe and green
    Mission of Xuhai Become the world's leading supplier of optical spectrum analysis optoelectronic devices and modules with continuous effort in the future. 

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