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Detachable cleaning and calibration free Boss Gas Cell

   Xuhai unique boss gas cell adopts the design of separating optical parts and mechanical parts through the unique process of Xuhai. The optical parts can be independently extracted from the mechanical package shell which is convenient for cleaning of the optical surface and the restoration of optical parts to the mechanical package shell after cleaning。Based on the excellent stable optical path design of Boss Gas Cell, the output optical signal is not sensitive to deformation of optical and mechanical parts, which ensures that the optical performance and optical path of the gas cell remain unchanged after the optical parts are extracted, cleaned and restored.

   The optical gas cell is the key component of modern optical instruments. However, due to the characteristics of the traditional gas cell such as Herriot Cell and White Cell, optical instruments have the following problems:

● Stability & repeatability shape change caused by temperature ,time and stress

● Frequent Maintenance: Optical surface contaminated by dust and humidity in industrial environment

● High Cost of Maintenance:Disassemble and Recalibration caused by maintenance

● Slow Response:Large dimensions of sensitive instrument because of long optical path

  Xuhai supply its solution to market based on its unique Boss Gas Cell. Boss Gas Cell has characters listed as below:

● Reliable Optical Design:Insensitive to change of temperature, vibration and shape

● Stable performance of beam:Easy to coupling and control noise

● High ratio of Path/dimension:Small package to achieve long path

● High tolerance to optical source

● Mech-Optic Integration:Performance stable after reassemble

   Characters of Boss Gas Cell makes the TDLAS instruments high repeatability, high stability and easy maintainence. Boss Gas Cell’s excellent performance depends on its special optical design and unique process control.

   Compared with tradtional gas cells, Xuhai has done a spreadsheet to collect related information. From comparation, Boss Gas Cell is suitable for industral application. The optical path of Boss Gas Cell can be from 2meters to 200meters, operating wavelength can be from UV to Long Infra-red and operating temperature can be from-40℃ to 250. At the same time, Xuhai has done special treatment to be anti adsorption and corrosion resistance which is suitable for safety and environmental protection field.

Gas Cell
Coherent Optical Source
Non-Coherent Optical Source
Optical Path(m)
Ratio of path/volume
Complexity of photoelectric control
Insertion Loss

1~20 Medium
Low Low Low

1~40 Medium
Low Low Low
Cavity Ring Down(CRDS)

Low Hight Hight Hight
Off-axis integrated cavity

100~1k Low Hight Medium
Boss Type  I

1~40 Hight Medium
Low Low
Boss Type II

Hight Low Medium

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