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Laser Detection of Explosive(Including Methane), Poisonous Gas

  Xuhai supplies a comprehensive device/module-in-set solutions for customers based on TDLAS technology to detect explosive and poisonous gases. We supply laser, gas cell, PD,laser point sensor assembly and remote detection assembly to three detection systems such as on-line laser point sensor type system, fiber distributed type on-line detection system and laser remote detection system.

   Laser gas detection shows advantage in long product lift(5-10years), no maintenance/calibration and no false alarm compared with sensors based on other technologies.

   Xuhai only supplies whole set of components and modules to Mathane(CH4) and Oil Gas(C3H8) detection now. For H2S,CO,NH3 and O2 gas sensors based on TDLAS technology, Xuhai’s product will come out in June,2020. 

Multiple Channels Fiber Distribution Type On-Line Gas Detection System

   Distribution type detection system has two advantages:

1)  Multiple(32pcs) optical passive detectors can share one laser which can reduce cost of components.

2)  Passive detection without power supply and electrical signal in testing point site

      But distribution type has high fiber deploying cost and low security. Because if the laser doesn’t work, the whole system fails to work. But customers can delploy a backup laser to prevent such situation.

      Though this system need deploy fibes resource which will trigger cost increase because of fiber deploying,  for comprehensive pipe and coal mine site, its fibers resource need to be deployed whether you will install this system or not. So the total cost is low for such special condition. If customers is not senstive to deploying cost or the testing site need purely passive detection, fiber distribution type is the best choice.

Laser Point Type Gas Detection System

Compared with Fiber distribution type, laser point type shows advantages in items listed as below: 

1) low cost in deploying cost; 2) high security (every sensor can work individually) 3) Easy to integrated into IOT

     But Laser point type has higher cost because each testing point need one laser each. Xuhai can supply flexible solution (components, assembly or modules) for laser point gas type detection system. Xuhai can supply laser, gas cell, PD, optical assembly and whole laser point gas sensor to customer based on customers’ requirement.

     The point gas sensor without refernece gas cell is avaliable. The product with reference gas cell can also be developed based on customer’s requirement. 

 Laser Remote Type Gas Detection System

 Laser Remote Type detection system shows advantages in items listed as below:

1) Portable(Small Package) ; 2) Long detection Distance without people’s reaching the place ; 3) Fast response

Laser remote type gas detection is suitable for manual/vehicle/UAV patrol of gas leakage. Xuhai can supply flexible solution (components or assembly) for laser remote type gas detection system. Xuhai can supply laser, laser remote optical assembly to customer based on customers’ requirement. 

Gas Laser Detection Type



Component&Module Supplied by Xuhai

(Marked in Blue Can Be Supplied)


Fiber Distribution Type

(CH4NH3COO2H2S, Oil Gas)

1Low Material Cost  

2High Deploying Cost

3Free Maintenance and calibration

Component Used In 

1/14 pcs Laser

1 pcs Probo(Passive Detector)

1 pcs Photodiode(PD)

1 pcs PD integrated with Reference Gas Cell

1 pcs 1*16 splitter

Situation with low deploying cost such as

Comprehensive/Special -Purpose pipe

In city, Gas detection systm in Commercial Building,etc

Point Type


1High Material Cost

2Low Deploying Cost

3Free Maintenance and calibration

4Easy to integrated into IOT platform

Compnent Used in

1 pcs Laser

1 pcs Probo(Passive Detector)

1 pcs Reference Gas Cell Integrated with PD

1 pcs PD

For situation which Need to deploy a IOT system to monitor gas on line such as pipe, commercial building, Wareshouse, special transportation vehicle,etc

Laser Point Type Gas Sensor module

Coal Mine Industry

Pipe Application

Optical Assembly

Remote Type

CH4NH3CO,Oil Gas

1High Cost


3Free Maintenance and calibration

Component Used in

1 pcs Laser

1 set optical system

1 pcs PD integrated with Reference Gas Cell

1 pcs PD

Manual Gas Patrol

Vehicle Gas Patrol

UAV Gas Patrol

Optical Assembly

30-100meter remote assembly

With Reference Gas  Cell

Without Reference  Gas Cell

100-200meter remote assembly

With Reference Gas  Cell

Without Reference  Gas Cell

Note1 Xuhai supply the product for CH4 detection and products for other gases will come Out 1st half year 2020.)

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