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OTDR&Same Wavelength BIDI Transmission

   Xuhai’s free space circulator shows obvious advantage compared with general solution in application of same wavelength BIDI TRV and SFP OTDR.Xuhai Free space circulator can achieve small dimension of 2mmx2.5mmx3.5mm,Excellent optical performance and reliable quality using our unique design and material.

Xuhai’s free space circulator can realize optics circulation which make same wavelength BIDI and SFP OTDR easy to realize.


General Solution

Solution based on Xuahai Product

Same Wavelength BIDI/BOSA

General SolutionUsing Three ports circulator component to realize same wavelength BIDI

ProductSFP TRV+three port circulator


Advan1Matured Solution

Disadv1high cost

          2Big DimensionHigh OPEX and CAPEX

Xuhai SolutionIntegrated free space circulator into SFP TRV or BOSA

ProductSFP/BOSA with free space circulator integrated in



      2Samll Dimensions

      3Ture colorless optical switching in Optical Network (SDN)

Disadv1APC optical Connector





General SolutionUsing Splitter and three port circulator

ProductOTDR with High IL or OTDR with large dimensions


Advan1Matured Solution

Disadv1high cost,large dimensions

          2high IL which will reduce detection distance

Xuhai SolutionIntegrated free space circulator into SFP TRV or BOSA

ProductSFP OTDR with High IL


Advan1Small DimensionsSFP OTDR

          2Low IL(long detection distance)

Disadv1)APC Connector

For detaied information, pls refer to Xuhai’s free space circulator

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